Session 3; Story



What is at the heart of your brand?

It doesn’t matter what you call it; your purpose, your why, your core or your jam. This session shows how to create a central belief that can guide all your future business and brand decisions.

Understand more about

– Simplifying your offer – Define your values so they are relevant to your audience – Connect your vision to your mission – Create a central core belief that will help guide all your future brand, sales and marketing activities by understanding the offer, values, and mission – Craft your story brand story using the Brand Doughnut, to keep it simple and meaningful.

Tasks include; prioritise your offer, defining your values, creating your mission, creating a brand core, fill your Brand Doughnut, writing a brand summary story

Downloads You don’t need to do all the tasks, but it’s better to complete the brand core task before moving on to the next session.


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